Lovely moment bored kitten escapes pet store display to play with bored puppy

Naturally, dogs and cats don’t go along together. Nevertheless, it’s not the first time we witness a friendship between two opposite species. When it comes to loneliness, animals can make friends!

This is the case of a selfless kitten that made her best to make a friend the lonely puppy.

These two mates were put into two different store displays and were all alone, waiting for someone to adopt them. They could see each other but the glass barrier didn’t let them comfort each other.

These two lovely pets from an animal store in Taiwan made many people think about real friendship and kindness soon after the security video was spread on the Internet.

The brave kitten climbed over the glass box and after several attempts made her way into the puppy’s place. Eventually, the little kitten succeeded, and the pup started licking and playing with the kitty.

The scene is so adorable. It also shows us how suffering is for animals to be isolated and kept in small spaces.
Once again, besides enjoying these sweet creatures, we also need to adopt them!

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