Mama deer helps her scared fawn stand up and walk away from the road after the car engine is turned off

This heartwarming scene demonstrates how caring are mothers to their babies.

On the way to Port Orchard, Washington Jessie Larson saw a frozen baby fawn laid down the highway. First, she thought the animal was hurt or sick.

But when she wanted to get off the car to help the baby, her mom came by her side.

Jessie instantly started filming the adorable scene. It turned out that the fawn was scared of the car engine because when the woman turned it off, the tiny thing stood up on her feet and joyfully joined her mother.

In the words of Jessie, it was absolutely cute to see how mother deer was cuddling her baby, encouraging her to stand up and walk.

Mothers are so precious!. Whether she is a human or an animal, she is always there for her children. May all the good moms have a long and healthy life!

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