Mama owl incubates a duck egg by mistake – ends up raising it as her own chick

Laurie Wolf is an amateur photographer. Recently, she saw an owl chick in the backyard of her house. She exclaimed for joy for the owl had a baby! Actually, she was a little bit wrong.

Earlier the woman and her husband placed birdhouses in the area of their backyard in Jupiter, Florida. She noticed that a duck was placing her eggs from one nest to others.

Laurie wouldn’t imagine the result of it. Suddenly, she realized that the owl egg vanished. She thought the chick was born but to her surprise, she met the owl with a tiny duckling sitting side by side. It was a very unbelievable moment!

The woman got concerned about the tiny duckling. She talked to an expert. Then she tried to take the tiny bird to a shelter. But there was no need to do so because the owl was treating the beautiful duckling as her own chick.

Only after noticing the special relationship between the two species, Laurie understood that they shared an unusual bond.

After some days, the duckling jumped out of the nest and joined other wood ducks near the neighbor’s house. Lauries assumes that the bird heard other ducks and left the nest.

However, it’s quite seldom for the wood ducklings to stay in the nests for more than 24 hours. It’s obvious, that the little ducking loved receiving its owl mom’s care.

It’s so good to know that both the duckling and the mother owl are doing great even when there is already a space between them!

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