Man has both exciting and scary encounter with a family of wild mountain gorillas

John J. King II is a tourist from the US who wanted to explore wildlife with his eyes. Being a huge enthusiast of gorillas, the man visited Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda to see them from a distance.

He had little hope to meet the endangered species even from far but fate prepared something else for him.

Mountain gorillas are dangerous wild animals that you better never meet. They can attack humans to defend their families.

So when the man was exploring the park, suddenly he appeared in the middle of an unexpected encounter with an ape family. A group of gorillas visited the camp of tourists.

John was caught by two different feelings – dear and excitement as the gorillas surrounded him.

Fortunately, the man knew how to react to a situation like this. As he was sat down on the ground all frozen, young gorillas were examining him out of curiosity. Their adults were watching babies from a distance.

They even climbed on his back. John had to keep calm.

Soon baby gorillas were touching the man like a child. Later the man explains how gentle the apes were with him.

John had previously been told that baby apes could approach humans and the only thing you have to do is to sit in a docile position.

When the silverback walked up, John kept his eyes down, in order not to look at his eyes. In these situations, humans need to take a docile position so that the father gorilla won’t attack them.

Thankfully, John was aware of these rules. After the tense minutes, the family of gorillas went away.

John could finally breathe and thank God for staying alive!

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