Man jumps into the Hudson River to save his drowning dog – emergency service rescues them both

Pets are not just animals but our companions and part of the family. Some people are ready to put their lives at risk for their lovely four-legged friends.

Like one man, who on the way to save his dog’s life, he himself needed help. The incident happened near the Harbor River, New York City.

A 28 years old man was walking with his pet when the latter got loose and appeared to be drowning in the river. His owner without thinking a moment jumped into the river for his pet.

He reached the dog but couldn’t swim to the nearest dry land.

Thankfully, the officers of the Harbor Emergency Unit rescued the dog and his selfless owner.

The special moment was captured on the camera and shared on social media. Many people praised the man for the heroism and love he had for the dog.

Others suggested not to go for a walk leaving the dog without a collar.

Anyways, these good friends are now doing well. We wish them the best!

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