Man risked his life saving different animals from a burning shelter

Some poor people are more benevolent than those who have fewer problems and care. The hero of this story proves what is staying a human when you yourself need help.

A resident of the American Atlanta, who himself lives on the streets, risked his life to save animals from a burning shelter.

When a fire suddenly broke out in the building, 53-year-old Keith Walker, without hesitation, rushed to save the four-legged creatures.

After all, this shelter also welcomed his dog named Bravo. Walker brought 10 cats and 6 dogs out of the fire.

Even the firefighters did not rescue the poor living beings but called the animal rescue service. If not for Keith, it is not known what would have become of cats and dogs.

Shelter owner Gray Hamlin named Keith as her guardian angel.

“I don’t know how to thank our savior. A fire is very scary, I saw how everything instantly flared up. Now he is my hero”.

It’s not an easy task saving animals from fire, and if someone managed to do so, they surely have a kind heart.

Thank you, Keith, for your selfless step. You are truly a big hero!

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