Mom abandoned the little raccoon,but he found a house and a sister…

June and Wafle live very amicably,despite the fact that they are a raccoon and a dog! Pets play and rejoice together,and their lives seem cloudless!

Baby June broke into the lives of Bettany and her husband quite unexpectedly.Once the woman’s husband came home from work and said that there was a small animal in the yard.Bettany was terribly surprised and went out to look at this miracle.
A baby raccoon was lying under the tree and his mother was sitting upstairs.At first,the husband and wife decided that the «parent» would go down for the baby,and calmly left for dinner.
When Bettany returnd,the fluffy pet lay in the same place.

Apparently,mom was not going to take him back.Frozen and hungry,he made mournful sounds,and the woman decided to take him to her.
The baby was named June,turned out to be incredibly mobile and curious,so she diligently began to study the house of hersaviors.
When June grew up,her owners decided that the pet needed a sister.Soon a red dog appeared in the house,which they named Waffle!
At first the owners were a little worried about how the animals would get alon,but it turned out thet the fears were in vain.

The raccoon and the dog almost immediately found a common language and became like little sisters!
«No matter what kind of bind June gets into,she has a Waffle that she can rely on at any moment!» the owner is sure.
Well,we wish the pets never to quarrel and always stand up for each other!

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