Mom left the goat,but a caring four-legged mom came to the rescue.

A kind-hearted pet named Blizzy came to the rescue of a little goat,which name is Rita,when her mother abandoned it…
In addition to Rita,three more kids were born,but all of them died,and only the baby Rita survived.

The mistress of the pets,a girl named Glory Rushing,said that at the same time the puppies of Blizzy were born.Soon Blizzy noticed Rita,took the goat and caried it to the puppies,after which she began to feed it.
Glory,who at first gave the goat milk from the bottle,when she saw it,was very happy.

By the way,Blizzy turned out to be a caring mother,so she literally does not part with the baby,accpting her as her own.
The goat got along well with the puppies,becoming part of a dog family.It is not surprising that now the baby looks healthy,cheerful and happy.

Baby Rita is very lucky,and we hope that when she grows up,she will not lose her emotional connection with her foster mother!

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