Monkey became a mother for a homeless puppy, defending him from other dogs

Tourists who have visited one of the settlements in India called Erod, without fail, upon returning home, inform their relatives and their people in an unimaginable situation.

For example, here, a monkey from the genus of rhesus monkeys took a poor, abandoned puppy as a mother. He was lonely, hungry and bedridden. Rather exhausted, he wandered through the streets of the city.

The first time she saw him, her maternal instincts were awakened. Noticing, in fact, that a group of vicious nomadic dogs was targeting the helpless baby, the macaque grumbled.

She helped the puppy stay alive. Her baby apparently died of an attack. And she began to identify the found dog just with him.

Now she does not let go the pup a step away. As a mother, she is quite zealous.

She tries to feed the puppy fruit. And when passers-by put a bowl of milk, the monkey gives the puppy to drink first.

By the way, the inhabitants of India honor the rhesus monkeys as sacred animals and sometimes leave a share of the unharvested crop for them on their own fields.

The mother not only warms him up and nourishes him, but also catches fleas. The adopted son also has to be clean!

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