Monument to Naida: the mongrel has been waiting for her owner in one place for 12 years

In Komsomolsk-on-Amur there is a unique monument to a dog named Naida.This dog has become a real legend among the locals.

The owner of Naida died when he got into a car accident,and the dog remained in the place where everything happened.The dog remained there for 12 years,believing that the owner would soon return for him.Locals began to feed it little by little.Over time,a monument to Naida appeared in the city.

In 2005,there was an accident in which Naida got involved.Then the driver abruptly drove to the pedestrian crossing and hit the man to death.The dog severely injured his paw during an accident.She disappeared and a few days later the dog came back.Years passed,and Naida still stayed at the bus stop,it became a real city landmark.

Several times they tried to find new owners for Naida,but she did not stay anywhere for long,always running away and returning to the bus stop.
Naida spent 12 years at the bus stop and in the park behind her.When the park was reconstructed,Naida was taken to the shelter,but she did not stayed there for long.
In 2015,Naida fell under the wheels of the car.After the death of Naida,the residents of the city erected a monument to her,the money for which was collected by the whole country.

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