Mossi’s unwanted puppies were evicted from home.Now they live in the basement of the clinic.

Do you remember the story of Mossi?The new owners suddenly became owners of eight puppies.The fact is that the ultrasound specialists did not notice Mossi’s pregnancy.We offered the owners to return the dog back to the shelter,but they refused,saying that they would just find the owners for the cubs,and Mossi would live with them.

But…without waiting for the crumbs to grow up,they were just agree with these people wait a little until they find family puppies.Mossi’s owners were tired and did not want to give a single step-up for a day in search of a hoe for babies.And by the way,there are 240 animals in the shelter.
At the moment,the cubs live in the basement of the Moscow clinic,as they have nowhere else to live.They’re like little bums.And why how?That’s right!

The age of the babies is only 2.5 months.They have no mother,no shelter,no hope for a better future.You can see that they feel unnecessary.The crumbs are so lonely and unhappy that the heart breaks when you look at them.

Unfortunately,there was not anyone willing to take these cute cubs to their house.No one came to meet them.It feels like they can’t get out of this basement.However,there’s also a catch.Staying in the basement is paid.Every day we pay for the puppies to have at least walls and hope for the future.

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