Mysterious story: the dog entered the house in which all the doors were closed

This story happened to an American of Finnish origin, Jack Jokinen. One day he woke up and was involved in a real detective story. He just woke up in his own house, not alone, but in the company of an unfamiliar … dog.

She sat as if nothing had happened, but all the doors with windows in the dwelling were … closed.

Jack didn’t even know how it happened. He remembered well that he had locked everything up at night. An animal couldn’t have penetrated a wall or flown into a chimney like Santa Claus.

Open the door, and then carefully and silently close it behind him, the dog also could not. Agree, that’s another question. Jack went around the whole house, having managed to become attached to a random guest during this time. Yes, it was a girl…

The answer to the question was found only thanks to the surveillance camera. As it turned out, in the evening before the guest entered the house, Jack went for a walk.

On his return, he closed the door badly. And then the night wind picked up.

One way or another, it was no longer possible to put the guest out the door, so the man decided to take her to him.

Perhaps for the first time in his life, the dog went to the veterinarian for an examination, and her condition was not the best, because she never had the necessary care and treatment.

For the first time in her life, the dog received a name – Susie.

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