Nekku has physical disabilities, however her personality makes fall in love with her

Mistakes of nature in the form of genetic failures are rare and unpleasant phenomena. As it happened with Nekku, a corgi dog that is no other in character than other pups.

This lovely dog with an unusual appearance has two noses (“two-barreled gun” in the people), cinching vertebrae and just one eye.

When the vet who was invited to look after the pup saw her, he immediately rejected the dog, promising to put it to sleep.

But he delayed this decision – and it saved Nekku’s life: at that time a man appeared who decided to shelter the “nature mistake”.

His name was Jarmo Korhonen, and he already had two perfectly normal corgis.

Nekku made friends with them, her unusual appearance did not embarrass new friends, and she herself became that still troublemaker!

Genetic disorders did not become an obstacle to the formation of a cheerful disposition of the dog, and now its good-natured two-nosed muzzle either climbs into a gooseberry bush, then begs for treats, then flickers on a walk between her two friends.

And so for 8 years in a row!

This dog doesn’t know about her shortcomings, and it’s absolutely beautiful to realize that both her owner and dog-friend do not let her feel that she is other.

Let this beautiful story make your day and remind you about the inner beauty that is more important than anything else.

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