Neville is the most famous «designer» dog!You don’t have to work with such a pet…))

Meet the dog Neville — the pet of the famous designer Mark Jack.

The Bull Terrier was taken into the family back in 2012.And since then,the pet has become a real favorite not only of the famous designer,but also of a huge number of people!
And all because Mark created a page on the social network Instagram dedicated to the life of a beautiful dog.

Now the pet is almost not inferior in fame to its owner,as about 208,000 people have already subscribed to his profile!
The dog decorated the covers of such popular magazines as Pape Magazine and Architectural Digest.
Now Neville is advertising various products for dogs!

The owner and his popular pet never part!Wherever they are,best friends are always together.In addition to his media activities,the dog is the ambassador of th charity project The Sato Project,which saves abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico!

Neville is not only a very active and hardworking pet,he is also the owner of a kind heart and sweet muzzle!

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