Newborn single kitten was sad, not yet knowing that a ”flock” of loving dogs is waiting for him

An orphan kitten was seen on the streets. 2 cute bulldogs took care of him.

2 months ago, a woman from Florida stumbled across a post on the Internet about a newly born kitty that needeed help. He was found orphaned, without a mom and brothers and sisters.

Beth Walden and her daughter were allowed to take part in his destiny.

They took the kitten for the next day and realized that it wasn’t in good shape and should immediately eat something. Then they stopped at the nearest store for food and necessary things.

Shortly after being fed, the little kitty was wrapped in a warm blanket. The kitten was named Mister Short Pants.

There are a few dogs in the Beth family. The little kitten quickly attracted their attention. Pёc Salvador was the strongest of all interested in the baby. He came running every time when the cat was crying.

Mister Short Pants bonded to the dogs and constantly demanded their attention.

The kitten continued to make progress ‚and for the next few weeks he grew up in their eyes. He began to spend a lot of time in the arms of his dog friends.

Dog buddies are very defensive of him, especially Salvador. As he plays and runs around the house, Salvador guards his each move.

“He grows up so fast that sometimes I forget how little he really is,” says Beth.

Compared to dogs, he is small, but he compensates for the lack of growth with his bright character and energy.

Since he was rescued, Mr. Tiny Pants has come a long way. He is contented, affectionate and considers himself a little dog.

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