No one has wanted to take this dog home from the shelter for three years,as he is «too big»

Sometimes fate and people are too unfair and biased animals.That’s what happened to this wonderful dog.Three years ago,volunteers in the American city of Montgomery,Alabama,found the dog and took him to a shelter.

Then Rudy,which was the name of the dog,managed to attach,but then the unfortunate man was put up again and Rudy got to the shelter again,for the second time.
The staff of the shelter love this friendly,kind and devoted dog very much and they are incredibly sorry that potential owners refuse him,coming up with different reasons.

People consider Rudy either too big or too old,or consider it a problem that the dog sheds abundantly,but all these problems are not so serious,and in return they will find a loving soul.

And he is only six years old,his size is really big,but the character is playful and funny,like a little puppy.He is very sociable and will be a good pet,as well as a security guard and defender,because it is a mixture of German Shepherd.
But while Rudy lives in a shelter,and we hope that he will finally find his owner,to whom he will be faithful for the rest of his life.

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