None of the tourists even suspected that they would witness a mind-blowing whale show

Sometimes in life there are such moments that we can’t imagine. And what happened during a boat trip with these people is simply breathtaking. After all, you can see this, perhaps, once in a lifetime.

One friendly family visited a small town in Australia – Port Macquarie.

They had no idea what their trip on a pleasure boat would turn out to be. Before the boat trip, they, not suspecting anything, examined the sights of the town and leisurely strolled along the coast.

But now the time has come for the planned boat trip. The family settled down on a small boat, which slowly took them away further and further from the coast. And now the boat is in the open and such an endless sea.

Nothing foreshadowed anything unusual. The sea was extremely calm when a small boat approached the place where a whole flock of humpback whales was seen. The mother of the family, unaware of anything, took out the camera and began to film what was happening.

And then everyone was just dumbfounded! Suddenly, a whale of incredible size jumped out right in front of the boat. It would seem that in another second and the small boat would simply split in two, this sea animal was so close.

The video that captured this unexpected leap was simply amazing. Close-up shot showing all the details of the humpback whale meeting with people. And how many splashes people got, do not count!

This is how the family’s first acquaintance with a real, huge whale took place. An ordinary walk turned into a whole adventure! Nobody expected such a turn of events!

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