Now he can feel his paws. A paralyzed kitten named Oats is recovering

Recently, a cute little kitten injured his spine. Unfortunately, frightened by the sick baby, the owners sent him to an orphanage. Instead of helping the kitten out, they ran away from responsibility. Were they not the family of the baby?

The kitten’s hind legs have completely failed. He was unable to run and make normal steps. The once energetic kitten couldn’t control his moves.

Fortunately, the employees of the center immediately liked Oats. Nobody remained indifferent to him.

Ellen, one of the workers, became very attached to the kitten and took him under her care.

Medical treatments such as laser therapy and electroacupuncture were prescribed. After these procedures, Oats began to feel the paws. When the kitten’s tummy was stroked, he pulled them out.

The kitten used to be a merry fellow, but now it has become even more energetic and cheerful.

So far, Oats cannot move and run freely, but doctors predict a full recovery for him.

Thanks to people like Ellen, many paralyzed and sick animals get healthy and continue living normal life. They have the same right of living as much as we do.

Good job, Oats. Your efforts and struggles will pay off soon. Keep on doing your best!

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