Old man laying on the ground received no help but this faithful dog tried to save him

Most people are accustomed to judging others based on their appearance. If a person who was well dressed had lost his consciousness, then everyone would have decided that he simply became ill.

If we are talking about an old man in untidy dirty clothes, then most likely they will consider that he is just drunk.

A very touching story took place in the Costa Rican city of Guapiles, which we will now tell about.

A dog was running along the track against the traffic, which was trying with all his might to attract the attention of people, but most of them could not understand what was happening, and therefore they simply went round the dog.

In the end, a man stopped opposite, who decided to find out what happened.

And then the dog took him along. The driver ran after the animal, and the dog led him to the side of the road where the man was lying.

Since he was poorly dressed, passers-by thought that he was drunk and moved on, but the driver realized that this man needed help, so he immediately called an ambulance.

The doctors arrived quickly and diagnosed a heart attack. The ambulance took the old man away, and the dog went with him.

When the man came to his senses, he said that he lives with the dog on the outskirts of the city. And on the day when he became ill, he was just walking around the city, after which his heart ached and he lost consciousness.

The devotion of the dog saved his life.

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