Old people from a nursing home were isolated from the world.With tears in their eyes,they looked at the dog outside the window who came to help.

Recently,a dog named Tonka has regularly visited residents of a nursing home in Texas.

Surprisingly,the animal brought joy to everyone who communicated with it.Due to the latest circumstances and the coronavirus epidemic,the management threatened to ban these meetings.Old people living in the institution have restricted contacts with the outside world…
Furtunately,Tonka and his curator,Sarah Peters,figured out how to circumvent the ban.

The dog,feeling that these people really needed him,was happy to help.The residents of the nursing home looked at the guest with tears in their eyes.They were infinitely grateful to the animal for its kind heart.

Sarah says thet some pensioners even put their hands on the window glass to make it clear to the pet that they are happy about his presence.
This will not be Tonka’s last visit to a nursing home.As long as the coronavirus situation forces people to sit in isolation,he will continue to visit them.

We need to encourage pensioners somehow!
Sarah is very glad that both she and her dog can be at least something useful at such a difficult time.

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