Once on the street,the dog got used to wrapping in old newspapers,and could not learn from this habit for a long time!

This fluffy snow-white «cloud» is called Rosie.She has been diagnosed with many diseases.It seemed that as soon as she left the vet,she needed treatment again,and there was no end to that.Only now the nice pet has finally become stronger and much healthier.

First,Rosie got into an orphanage and then she got into the house of a permanent hostess,with whom she is now inseparable.
The baby,getting used to life on the street,has absolutely no idea how to behave in the house.Rosie couldn’t understand what toys are for.Instead,she wrapped herself in a bunch of old newspapers,making a «nest»!This only meant that the poor dog tried to help herself as much as she could!

The pet realized that she did not need to do it,because now she lived in warmth and comfort.
Now Rosie has changed.She trusted her owners,loves walks,games and hugs!

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