One-eared kitten attracted the attention of visitors – he really wanted to find a family

A kitten named Jumper entered The Alaska Humane Society when he was 9 months old.

After a physical examination and castration, the kitten was placed in the ward. It turned out that he is completely healthy, but has one ear.

The second one did not develop in the cat due to an old injury. Jumper himself is absolutely not worried and does not interfere.

The new pet quickly settled into the shelter. Barely moving away from the anesthesia, he jumped up from the couch and began to attract the attention of everyone who passed by.

He very quickly got to know all the volunteers and employees of the shelter, they fell in love with him for his kind and sociable disposition.

Soon the owners were found for Jumper. A married couple from Alaska had been looking for a cat for a long time.

Arriving at the shelter, they learned about Jumper and went to visit him. As soon as they entered the room, the kitten jumped on its hind legs and began to thrash through the air with its front legs.

In this way, he asked to be petted.

The spouses were immediately captivated by his sweet one-eared face with big deer eyes. Even before the kitten touched them with its paws, they understood – he chose them as owners.

Now they are happy together!

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