One of the kittens died and the others was rushing by the road waiting for help.

Passing along the road,volunteers from one of the Serbian shelters noticed a tiny kitten.He was rushing by the roadside and his brother was lying next to him…
Most likely,the baby was hit by a car,so it was impossible to «reach out» to the poor kitten…

Sad volunteers experienced a sense of pity.Especially at that moment when they realised that the baby was obiously abandoned without their mother.
Despite the sad situaion,the volunteers were glad that at least one kid survived.The baby stratched out his paw and touched the man’s face…

Soon he was brought to an orphanage where there were other cats.The baby,who was called Tom,turned out to be quite,friendly and did not become shy.By the way,the baby was the only red-and-white kitten among all!

Now the kitten is waiting for only one thing — to find a family that will gladly take him to their home and give him care and love.
Let the kitten with a charming red-and-white face be lucky!

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