“Only ears sticking out on the surface…” A teenager dived into the swamp to save a kangaroo

Jack and Nick were riding motorcycles along the river on the outskirts of Sydney when suddenly something caught their attention. They noticed how someone was floundering in the mud swamp of a dry riverbed!

Looking closely, the boys realized that it was a young kangaroo who had wandered in here in search of water to drink. Only the ears were already sticking out of the mud, and the tips of the unfortunate paws periodically emerged to the surface …

The guys immediately developed a plan to help. One of them brought a rope, Nick tied it around his waist and crawled to rescue the animal. Despite the dirt that stuck to his body and face, the boy quickly reached his destination.

The kangaroo was barely moving its paws, so the rescue arrived just in time!

Hugging the victim, Nick gave a signal to the friend, and Jack began to slowly pull them both out of the swamp.

Soon both were on the beach. The guys contacted the WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue animal rescue team, who took the kangaroo into their care.

Now the baby is gradually coming to his senses, because, being in the trap for quite a long time, he suffered greatly from dehydration and hunger.

Well, Nick and Jack consider the incident an interesting adventure. Like any teenager, they like to be famous!

“If this happens again, we will do the same thing again,” the 19-year-olds say. True, they do not agree that this is a heroic deed. After all, everyone should do it!

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