Ordinary kittens? No way!Seeing the photo,the voulnteer almost sat past the chair…

Recently,a Scotsman went for a walk in the forest.The man enjoyed nature when he suddenly noticed that he was being…being watched!Two pairs of wary eyes glowed in the undergrowth…

They turned out to be very small kittens,but why did they sit alone in the forest,without their mother?He realized that there savaged would not be allowed close to them — at the first movement in their direction,the babies disappeared into the grass.
He managed to take a couple of photos,which he sent to a local environmental organization.

«I almost sat past the chair when I saw these kittens! says excitedly Paul O’Donoghue from Roybridge,-After all,there are no more than 35 of these animals left in the world!The color of these babies gives out the purest kittens of a wild Scottish cat,which lives only in Scotland.Mothers usually never abandon their cubs — and then suddenly two orphans at once!Something happened to this family,not otherwise…»

And what about our kids?People monitored them,but the mother cat never returned within 24 jours.Meanwhile,the kittens weakened and needed help!
Two kids were placed in a specially created nature reserve,where they can grow up in natural conditions and become real wild cats.After all,these children make up 6% of the entire population — and therefore very dear to humanity!

Now these kids are safe — as soon as they grow up,they will be released into the forest!

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