Oregon Zoo celebrates the births of critically endangered Sumatran tiger cubs

While we are complaining about keeping animals in zoos, sometimes we hear good stories happening in those places.

People do their best to raise the population of many endangered animals. It’s a big event in a zoo when a new animal is born but when they are rare Sumatran tigers, it’s even better!

Lately a zoo had a double reasons to celebrate. Two endangered species of tiger cubs – a male and a female came into the world.

The adorable cats were born in Wildlife Safari. This was the second time when Sumatran tigers were born in that place after 1980’s.

Also they were the first cubs of Riya – a 9 years old tiger. Gladly, the new mama is caring and she is nursing both of the newborns.

This species are endangered as there are only about 400 Sumatran tigers left in nature.

This birth was part of a survival project. In the frames of a survival project, these adorable siblings are the second litter born since 2018.

This lucky accomplishment is not only the victory of the project implementors but of all animal lovers.

Now the cubs are spending time with their mom. They have a powerful bond. Soon the visitors will be able to see them at the park.

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