Orphan Jilly



The tiny kitten had to face human cruelty and meanness almost from the very birth:they decided to get rid of the five-week-old cat by simply throwing it into the wrong hands!

And yet,a certain angel kept the poor kitten with sharp ears alive,giving warmth and comfort.



That August day,a young California guy named Gilbert will always remember.An ordinary employee,he was at his workplace when a woman turned to him for help.

Holding a tiny kitten in her arms,she asked Gilbert to show her where cat food was sold.But she suddenly announced that she needed to go out to the car for a minute.The woman left,and the guy was left waiting with a frightened baby in his arms.

Half an hour later,it became clear that he had been deceived:the stranger disappeared,simply getting rid of a tiny kitten that she did not need.The shocked store worker was holding a ball of wool in jis hands,not knowing what to do next,but the kitty felt trust in this guy.



Obviously,the little kitten mistook the guy for his mother and therefore so trustingly clung to his beard.But it was impossible for the little friend to stay in the store,and Gilbert called the Cat House on the Kings cat rescue center.A few minutes later,the baby was taken to a shelter for homeless pets,naming her Jilly — in honor of a new friend:)

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