Orphaned baby elephant holds the milk bottle with his trunk, trying to be independent, and it’s adorable

Playful, clumsy, adorable, naughty – these words describe baby elephants. These little creatures are so cute even when they appear in unpleasant situations or make trouble.

They are just too adorable to get angry about. Their short legs and smiley, big eyes make us fall in love with them. It’s hard to resist their sweetness.

And each elephant is special by its personality. For instance, this calf is trying to be all by himself. He wants to do everything on his own and it makes his caretakers let the elephant do things the way he wants.

The orphaned 2 years old Bondeni lives in an elephant sanctuary in Nairobi. This elephant has emphasized personality. He tries to hold his bottle of milk all by himself, using his tiny trunk.

Every time when he fails to hold it, the caretakers help him to be bottle fed but the elephant never gives up. He continuously makes efforts to succeed.

It’s so important that the sanctuary takes into account the desires of animals. They never reject elephants’ choices.

Bondeni was an orphaned calf when he was found wandering alone. The poor baby had cuts on one of his legs but fortunately, he is now recovered.

Thanks to this kind of people, animals are not only being rescued but also have their voice to do what they like to do.

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