Orphaned bear cubs are in good hands thanks to this awesome people

There are some people who live differently than most of us. They do things that many of us would never dare to go after.

Spouses Susan and Jim dedicated their lives to saving bear cubs, for various reasons left without parental protection.

They have created a center where wild babies are nursed. Mature animals are released into the wild or left to live in the center forever. It all depends on the state in which the bears got to people.

Today, eleven adults permanently live on the territory of the center.

They will no longer be able to live freely. Jim treats animals like his children. Many of them he himself bottle-fed. Jim and Susan take care of the bears themselves, and the bears return them with strong affection.

Animals allow Jim a lot – stroke, scratch behind the ear and play with them. While it seems scary, the couple enjoys every moment spent with bears. They are fans of animals, especially bears.

It’s a huge work that they do. They can’t get paid off. These efforts are worthy to be praised.

Thank you, Jim and Susan. You are amazing in what you do!

What we can do is be thankful for people like them.

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