Orphaned manatee calf gets rescued after the wildlife staff found it on the shore

Manatees are peaceful and calm creatures that inhabit the areas of seashores. It’s actually unsafe for them to live next to humans because of boating collisions or intentional harassment.

Of course, there are also people who will do their best to help these wonderful buddies. One of that organizations is the Manatee Critical Care Center that recently has found an orphaned baby manatee.

It is the sweetest and the tiniest manatee the center has ever take care of!

The 44-pound little creature was found in the Gulf of Mexico. Newborn manatees can’t survive in the wild on their own so they need special care until they are big enough to live in the wild by themselves.

It is hard to care about manatees. You need to be around them all the time. Besides the efforts, the process of care needs resources. And it’s the reason that every year hundreds of manatees die.

In this case, the rescue staff gave all the attention and everything needed to help the baby in the recovery.

She will stay under the attention for a period of time because manatees are released to the seas after being at least 600 pounds.

The animal center informs that the smallest baby manatee is doing well and recovers step by step.

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