Owner didn’t understand why his Alabai dog was always out of his booth

For Yuri from the Kemerovo region, Russia, it once became a mystery why his dog sits on the street all the time.

He had a nice booth where you can hide at night. And he sat anywhere in the snow, in the rain, but not in his closet.

It was necessary to solve the problem. After all, this is not the case, because the pet could get sick. Maybe something unpleasant had rolled into the house.

Having carved out some free time, he went to the audit and could not believe his eyes. In the booth, he found another dog, also with a litter of tiny puppies.

The dog turned out to be purebred. He saw her several months ago. But it is possible that it was brought by visitors. Yuri kept a small cozy place where you can relax with friends for several days in the fresh nature.

Then she disappeared. He thought that the owners had just taken her away.

He sorted out the unexpectedly collapsed responsibility. Puppies came out so that everyone was comfortable. When they grew up, he put them in good hands. He kept one of them for himself. He looked a lot like his father.

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