Panda Jui from the Moscow Zoo redeemed his favorite lid.

The Moscow Zoo is home to a panda Jui.A male panda came to Russia from China with a female TinkerBell.Every month pandas give out different funny things and please visitors.

This time,male panda Jui decided to bathe his favorite lid.Zoo staff said that this lid is a panda’s favorite toy.Despite the fact that Jui has a whole enclosure of different entertainments,most often he plays with this lid.

This lid went to Jui by accident,he stole it fro an employee when he fed him.Now the panda doesn’t part with it.

For Cosmonautics Day,Panda Jui from the Moscow Zoo was presented with a delicious gift — a rocket filled with vegetables and framed by bamboo.As expected,Jui enjoyed a rocket and was satisfied.

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