Parents punished the boy,and his faithful dog followed him and also went into the corner.

That’s what you need a friend to be there in a difficult moment!For example,boy Peyton and his favorite dog Dash never separate.They play and have fun together,but even in difficult moments their touching friendship is not broken.

Peyton’s mother,Gillian Mary Smith,immediately realized that the presence of the pet in their house brings joy to all family members.And that’s how it is!
Recently,the boy quarreled with his sister,and father and mother decided that it would be fair to punish him to think about his behavior.

And the pet did not leave his beloved owner in trouble — he approached him and stood next to him,lowering his face,as if he had also been punished.Probably,the dog didn’t want Peyton to be sad and decided to divide the punishment into two.

The best friends were soon found by the child’s mother,who was very touched by what she saw.The woman was once again convinced that they have a wonderful dog.
Soon the boy’s «punishment» came to an end,and he and his beloved dog rejoiced that everything was left behind.

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