Path walkers found a lynx lying on the railway,but it couldn’t get up..

This story happened in America,in a mountainous area.
Cody and his colleague went to another examination.The weather was cold and unpleasant — frost and wind.
Suddenly,men saw something unusual in the distance.It was some kind of small spot.It lay right between the rails.Approaching they saw a lynx.

She sat like a queen,comfortably placing her legs on the rails and didn’t even move.They just stood and looked at the lynx in the hope that it would leave by itself.
Cody noticed that anything isn’t okay.The man guessed that the animal was injured.As soon as Cody came closer,he understood everything at once.The lynx’s paws just froze to the rails.That’s why they were folded in such a strange way.

Then the men decided to call the nearest station and ask someone to come with a bucket of warm water.Thus,the lynx got freedom,but even so it was not possible to release it immediately,it took time.Soon the train arrived.There is no doubt that if Cody and his partner had not released the lynx,only a wet place would remain of her.

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