People kept the mestizo of the Yorkshire terrier on a chain.

This mestizo named Mark has a bad past.Mark lived on a chain.What was the purpose of such an act for the former pet family?Mark is a quiet, calm, modest, complian,not principled guy.He’d like to help and save himself.So,the chain was invented with different intentions.

The pet is clearly afraid of a man.New people or already familiar to him — everyone certainly foreshadows trouble for the offended and devoid of love and affection of a shaggy tail.But that’s not true!

In an orphanage,no one will offend Mark.This thesis must be implemented and melt Mark’s frozen heart.He deserves to be part of the family,become a truly pet,forget the weight of the shackles,stop being afraid of a person and finally breath to the full breasts of a happy,well-fed and beloved dog.Mark needs a family!

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