People noticed a giant fish on the beach…

Whoever you meet if you live in New Zealand — even during a simple walk on the beach.One family noticed a huge fish,which they mistook for a surfboard.It turned out that this four-meter creature is fish belt.

A fisherman from Dunedin,New Zealand,noticed this fish while walking along the beach with his family.»Usually,a lot of creatures are thrown out on the local shore,but I have never seen such a fish,» said the fisherman,32-year-old Isaac Williams.

It turned out to be a herring king,the length of this species on the banks of Dunedin.As scientists show,over the past 150 years they have been found on the shore only nine times.

This fish live in the waters of the Pacific,Atlantic and Indian Oceans.This is a half-deep-water fish that can reach 11 meters in length.The maximum recorded weight of this fish is 272 kg.

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