People noticed an orphaned cougar that couldn’t move…

During a hike in the forests of the city of Auckland,USA,a group of people noticed an exhausted female cougar.She had a hard time moving,and was skinny and dehydrated.The walkers immediately decided to help and contacted the CDFW rescue center.

It was not easy to find the baby — it took the rescuers about five days to find her,because she escaped from the starting place.The rescuers found her near the bridge,and then took her to the rescue center.The cougar was in a sad state — completely covered with fleas,dehydrated and weighed three times less than normal.

Employees immediately began to take care of the cougar nicknamed Rose.Now they give her medicines around the clock,and take care of her sensitively.The baby patiently endures all the procedures.

Rescuers have optimistic predictions for Rose — they are sure that her condition will soon improve dramatically.When it recovers,it will first be transferred to the enclosure,and after full recovery — it will be sent back to the wild.

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