People noticed an overgrown lump,and did not immediately recognize the dog in it.

When people noticed this creature on the street,they didn’t immediately recognize the dog in it.The poor animal was so overgrown with huge tangles that even her muzzle could not be seen through them.

Residents of Colorado,USA,brought this dog from the street to the Denkai Animal Sanctuary.The employees were horrified — they never met such a case.The poor dog was overgrown with tangles,through which it was impossible to see her eyes and muzzle.They determined that the dog is about 15 years old.

Apparently,the owners abandoned her fortune,and refused to take care of her — so the poor animal ended up on the street.Rescuers cut all he tangles for several hours and gradually a normal dog began to appear in front of them.

The dog glowed with happiness while a heavy burden of tangles was removed from her coat.When the procedure was completely completed,it immediately changed,and she had a lot of energy.She was ready for a new life!Then they took care of the dog in the shelter,after which they found overexposure for it.
Now the dog is already overgrown with new,beautiful curly hair.She lives on overexposure,and they are already looking for permanent owners for her.
Be happy,beauty!

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