People were afraid to approach the puppies,but a kind soul was still found and saved the babies.

Very often,the fate of a homeless animal depends on kind people.That’s exactly what happened to two puppies sitting alone under the wall of an old building…
Volunteers came to help the poor puppies.Small,pitiful puppies clung to each other.

If one of the dogs was in normal condition,it was painful to look at the other.Because for the running stage,the baby couldn’t eben open one eye…
Apparently,for this reason,the owner left them on the street and got rid of responsibility for living creatures.

Then two dogs were brought to a shelter where they began to recover.
The dogs were called Thelma and Louise.Every day they made progress,and it was clear that the pets were recovering.

Five weeks later,the dogs just couldn’t be recognised!They were cheerful and played all the time.
Now they are ready for «adoption».I would like to sincerely wish that a caring owner appeared in the life of each of them!

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