Pit bulls saved the owner from hour bandits…

A man named Robert McGowan has two pit bulls. Dogs named Ellabell and Ladybug used to live in a shelter,being abandoned and unnecessary to anyone. But Robert considered them very nice and decided that he would give them a house.

Pit bulls turned out to be obedient and a little timid.And,most importantly,there was not a drop of aggression in them,which for some reason people often talk about.

Dogs thank a person every day for home and love,and recently they have done much more for him than possible!


Last week,Robert was caring in hi garage when something unexpected happened!Four strangers broke inside and attacked hi.One of the bandits hit the man in the eye,knocking him to the ground.Then the attackers demanded the car keys.

Being wounded and shocked,he told the robbers that the keys were in the house.Of course,the bandits went to the house for the keys,and it was their fatal mistake.Pitt bulls were already waiting for them there,ready to protect both their owner and his property.

As soon as one of the robbers opened the doors,usually calm Ellabell and Ladybug began to bark loudly and attack thieves!They met the «guests» properly,be sure.
The dogs not only drove the bandits away,but immediately hurried to the garage where Robert was lying and stood right above him.

They made it clear to the owner that no one else would harm him.As a result of the attack,the man got a bruise under his eye,but he was not seriously injured and nothing was stolen.

Happy and proud of his pets,Robert hurried to treat his babies with delicious food and buy them some new toys.The owner of the pit bulls hopes that this story will inspire other people and they will take a dog from the shelter.

«They can save your life at any time!»,he says.

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