Pitbull grabbed the baby and dragged her: the owner of the dog still doesn’t know how to thank the dog

Latana Chai from California was at home with her 7-month-old daughter named Masala.

On June 3, at midnight, the woman suddenly heard the loud barking of their pit bull named Sasha. It was accompanied by the scratching of the door leading to the backyard.

Latana was alarmed by the unusual long barking of the dog, so she immediately panicked. She realized that something had happened not good because such behavior was not their own affectionate quadruple family member.

As “KTVU” writes, when Latana opened the door to see why the dog was barking, she saw that the tongues of fire were breaking out of the neighboring house and black smoke was pouring out. The flame spread rapidly to the house of Latana.

What Sasha did next, captivates people all over the world.

Latana ran upstairs for Masala but Sasha overtook the owner. Latana watched in awe as the pit bull grabbed the baby’s diaper and tried to carry the baby to a safe place.

Then the mother took everyone safe and sound to the street. If not for Sasha’s warning, the family could have died in the fire.

Sasha appeared in the family at about the same time as Masala was born, and it was obvious to everyone that a special bond arose between them.

Unfortunately, many believe that pit bulls are extremely fighting dogs, extremely aggressive in nature. This story proves once again that pit bulls are wonderful family dogs if raised correctly!

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