Playful polar bear cub enjoys his first journey hitching a ride on his mamas back

Children are the happiest around their moms. There is a reason for that: a mother’s love is unconditional. So kids love following, snuggling them.

In the world of animals, the rules are the same. Babies love to do playful tricks with their patient and loving mothers.

This time the adorable bear cub enjoys himself hanging on the back of his mother on a snowy day. It’s known that these cubs leave the den for the first time after a couple of months staying there.

So this baby bear is overexcited by the discovery of the new world. He runs around his mom, snuggles her, and then when he is all exhausted, he tries to climb his mama’s back to take a rest.

But as the cub is small, he can’t overcome the height, so he remains hung on her butt.

In her turn, mama bear is keen too. She let the baby stay hung on her butt and continues her way as if she doesn’t know what’s wrong.

It took Daisy Gilardini 117 cold hours to take these adorable snaps. She admits that it was the most difficult challenge in her career as a photographer. Thank you Daisy for making our day!

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