Poor puppy is found left in a locked car in Disney World parking lot while the owner is at the park

Another story of an irresponsible owner makes animals suffer. In summertime in many territories it’s unbearable even to walk. Who has ever been to the Hollywood Studios park, knows how hot is there.

So recently a pup was found left alone in a parked car near Orlando’s Walt Disney World. A park visitor Jerry Dana French accidentally noticed the dog and informed the police about a suffering dog.

The police discovered that the pup was there for hours. They estimated that an hour later the pup would die. The dog survived somehow because the temperature on that day in Orlando reached above 90 at the park.

The owners didn’t even think about what could happen they went to enjoy the park.

Thankfully, the police officers give some water to the dog and took care of her. But the strange thing is that after returning from the park, the pup was given back to the owners without any charge.

The good news is that the dog got well. We hope that the owners will be more attentive and caring with the poor baby.

It’s very cruel leaving pets inside the vehicles especially during summer. One thing is clear – no loving human would leave his dog in the car all helpless.

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