Puer was waiting…The mistess was driving to someone else’s village at night to make him happy!

Sophia never had a dog,although she dreamed of it all her life.About seven years ago,Sophia picked up a homeless kitten at the entrance.She didn’t even think about the dog at that time.But,as often happens,circumstances radically change human life!


Sophia had changes in her personal life,after qhich she decided to meet againg with her ex-husband.And after that,she decided that she would definitely get a dog! «Since to change everything,so in all spheres of life at once!» the girl encouraged herself.
The girl wanted to find a small puppy,hoping to choose a cute mongrel,but the search didn’t give results.Then the girl changed her tactics,deciding that it was not she who would choose the puppy,but the baby would find her himself! And she wasn’t mistaken…

A dream puppy has been found! And right in the middle of the night,Sophia was driving to some uknown village to look at the pet…
The girl carefully looked at everyone and choose the one that was smaller and scarier than the rest of the dogs…As soon as she took him on her hands,she realized that she would no longer be able to part with him.

Now the puppy’s name is Puer(after Sophia’s favorite tea).Every day the girl rejoices that she was not afraid to go to the unknown village in the middle of the night for her fluffy treasure.
Now the little puppy is three-month-old.He is still a little afraid of the streets and managed to learn only two teams,but that’s not the main thing!The most important is that Puer met a loving person who gave him both the House and his Heart.

It seems that Puer will grow up to be a very beautiful dog,and he has a long and happy life ahead of him!

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