Puppy born with the cutest handlebar mustache goes viral on social media

Dogs are one of the cutest animals. They have great behavior and some of them are ready to put at risk their lives for their owners.

However, there are some dogs that stand out for their unique appearance. And it is the case of Salvadore Dolly – a newborn pup that got famous because of the handlebar mustache she was born with.

The famous pup is one of the 11 pups that are now 5 weeks old. The mom of the litter is a shepherd mix that was found alone with her pups on a street in Texas.

Gladly, kind people took them to a shelter in Dallas where the dogs were given all the care they needed. When the pups and their mom arrived at the shelter, the workers noticed something special about one of the pups.

When they saw the natural mustache of a female pup, they named her Salvadore Dolly after the well-known Spanish painter Salvador Dali that also had a very famous mustache.

When the photos of this family were shared on Instagram, many people agreed on fostering the dogs. Thankfully, an incredible foster family was found for these miraculous babies and their mom.

The adorable girl with a mustache is available for adoption. You can also apply to adopt her siblings on Hearts & Bones Rescue’s website.

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