Raising his head up,the guy didn’t believe his eyes:a dog was sitting on the rock and looking down frightenedly.

A young man named Brody couldn’t even think he would see a dog on the rock.When he looked closely,was stunnised:next to one dog sat the other!It turned out that someone just left the pets in such an inappropriate place for the animal!

Struggling to get to the dogs,Brody immediately encountered frightened eyes that looked at him without blinking.One of the dogs was larger,so the smaller dog sought protection from him.
After the rescue,the young man noticed how thin the dogs were.Most likely,they stayed on the rock for a long time and were happy to have been rescued.

Brody went to the city with his lover,as well as his own pet and found dogs.It was important to show them to the doctor and decide the further fate of the dogs.
Soon they were taken into the house by good people,and now they are happy!

The couple feel happy because they helped two dogs who were saved thanks to them!

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