Realizing that he wouldn’t have any more chances,the kitten crawled up to a good man..

This cat with incredibly beautiful emerald eyes was not suitable for the grief-owners and they found nothing better than just to leave him on the street.

The kitty lived in a family since the birth and was not adapted to look for food,he wandered into a random basement and suffered from hunger and pain.And it was in winter and severe frosts were added to his misfortunes.And one day the famine turned out to be so strong that the kitty left the basement.

Fortunately,he drew attention to a woman who fed street cats and she,seeing him,realized that it was necessary to act urgently.She quickly showed it to the vet,fortunately,the paw was cured.He was found a family for overexposure,he was accustomed to the tray,as he was familiar,his character is very affectionate and quiet besides the cat is very smart with a hard noble smokey color and a light tummy.

We really hope that this wonderful pet will definitely find his family and loving owners who will give a sea of positive emotions.The curators will be happy to bring him to any city.

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