Reincarnation of Bob Ross or a “woolen cloud” tiny toy-poodle that looks like him

Toy poodles are one of the smallest breeds of dogs, whose weight does not gain even 3 kilograms. And a representative of this breed named Kokoro is no exception.

But miniature by dog ​​standards is not a hindrance to fame, especially if you look like a well-known person named Bob Ross – a kind wizard who hosted TV shows for children in the 80s and 90s in which he taught them the art of painting with oil paints.

He had curls on his head and a kind, natural smile on his face. And such a resemblance involuntarily evokes thoughts of reincarnation. What is expressed in such a similarity, in addition to the same shaggy characters?

Both spend a lot of time in front of the mirror as if meditating. Kokoro sits like a human, not like a dog.

Sometimes, as it were, he tries to say something, but immediately stops such attempts in embarrassment – after all, he is now a dog!

Anyway, this wonderful cat captures the hearts of all people who once see him. He is a fluffy ball that looks exactly like a toy. You just want to hug and snuggle it!

On the muzzle wanders not at all a dog smile.

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