Rescued dog runs every day to meet her owner’s truck after work.

This adorable rescued dog usually runs to greet her owner every day when he comes home after a long day at work.

Dog:Earlier this year,the husband of a woman named Sara Fitzwater was in a coal mine when he spotted an adorable dog seemingly alone.Although the man is unsure of the dog’s origin,after seeing her each time he visited the site,it became clear that this animal had no home or family to care for her.

The man,who is an animal lover,gradually became attached to the animal.

Sara told the Dodo:
«Someone had left it in the area.Every time my husband went to that mine,she would run up to him and smile at him.»
A rescued dog runs to meet her owner’s truck.

During one of his visits to this mine,Kate’s husband finally decided to take the dog with him to take care of her and offer her the home.They then named her Sadie Kate.

Although her dream of finding a loving home has finally come true,there is still something she looks forward to day after day:her owner coming home from work at the end of each afternoon.

There is no doubt that for Sadie it its the highlight of every day and her joy engulfs all who see her.

Sarah says:
«I work from home,so I started noticing her looking down the street waiting for her and I thought it was cute.»

Sadie found in her owner all the love she desired.So seeing him come home every day is the best thing that can happen to him.For Sara,it’s no wonder that Sadie is so in love with her husband.She says he’s the kind of gentle-minded,kind-hearted man who captivates everyone who meets him.

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