Rescued from the cold Amstaff Taylor and his two personal «heaters».

Last November,the Amstaff and Pitbull Aid Fondation appealed to all those who are not indifferent to help a dog freezing in an unheated house.

Taylor was rescued,taken from Tula,fattened,heated,operated on a tumor on his leg and gave for a happy and dignified life,especially since Taylor turned out to be a kind,affectionate,sociable,grateful,understanding and glorious dog.Staffordshire terries are like that…

Under sensitive supervision in the shelter,he turned into a sleek handsome dog!
Taylor found a family and gratefully accepts all the joys of a homely and well-fed life,and even in the wonderful company of children and red wool pillows-cats.
Thanks to everyone who helped Taylor,gave him this chance.May Taylor and his whole family be happy!

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